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Geneticist and molecular biologist

Since my childhood, I am accompanied with dogs, which sparks my passion for these beloved animals at a very early stage in my life. Today I still got two four-legged companions at my side, a Labrador and Kromfohrländer bitch. In addition to that I have another passion since more than 20 years – and this is genetics.

In search of new challenges, I had the unique opportunity to combine the two. Since 2013 I have been managing director of FERAGEN, a genetic laboratory where everything revolves around genetic testing in dogs. In addition to the detection of genetic diseases and characteristics, one of our main objectives is genetic diversity.

Genetic diversity is an area in dog breeding that has received too little attention for many years. One reason for it may be due to the lack of diagnostic possibilities. But today we can draw on the full and raise dog breeding to a new level in many respects. It just has to be done! Our actions sometimes require courage and pioneering spirit, even if this is often uncomfortable. The fighters have my full support!