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Scientific Study

The Boxer-Genetics together with Dr Geretschläger (FERAGEN Laboratory for veterinarian genetic diagnosis) has set up an academic project.

We want to implement a database with the latest genetic screening results thatwill be available by breeders under certain conditions.

Both the DLA and the inbreeding coefficient (IK) have to be determined for this. If desired the DNA of each boxer can also be determined (existing ones will be taken over) at a price of € 38.00

Provided, that sufficient financial resources are available, this study will be carried out in 3 sections

In 2019 we finished the 1st section with 30 boxers.

By august 2020there were another 32 boxers selected which are in the breeding or will soon go into breeding, have very good to good examinations results and good trial data, and their appearance corresponds to the breed standard in German-speaking countries (DE, AT, CH).

Of course, all boxers – which would be an extraordinary asset – from all other countries in Europe are welcome to take part into this study. Thereby this study will be even more meaningful!

The association pays for the costs of the DLA and inbreeding coefficients, up to an own contribution of € 50.00. If you would also like to have the DNA comparison determined, that would be another € 38.00, please transfer the amount to the following account:

Boxer-Genetics, Elisabeth Fuchs-Rothenpieler IBAN: DE75 1001 1001 2628 7878 01 BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX Usage: Name of the boxer, owner, DLA and IK or DLA, IK and DNA

Every boxer owner agrees that the data is stored in a database and the information is passed on (under certain conditions) to inquiring breeders.

In the past few month some results for DLA and a few results for IK have been gathered from Boxers. These results will flow into the database.It is very important to us to at least maintain the genetic diversity in the boxer population or if possible to improve it with specific breeding.

We want to do something meaningful for the future of our beloved breed! We do not just want to talk! And by no means we want to watch the genetic diversity that is still low, finally disappear!

So if you are interested to take part into this study and help analysing and maybe improving the genetic diversity in Boxers we need the following data:

  • copy of the pedigree
  • copy of the examinations results
  • consent to access the laboratory results and the storage in a database (mandatory to take part into that study and to get the reduced price for the laboratory analysis)please sent the signed form to: Heike Fahrenschon, Mittelstr. 20, 89269 Vöhringen or
  • 1 x 5 ml EDTA blood from your veterinarian with identification via the chip
  • To be send to:
  • Germany: FERAGEN GmbH, c/o Wokon Paketshop, Sägewerkstr. 18/Rückseite, 83395 Freilassing,
  • Austria and all other countries: FERAGEN GmbH, Labor für gen. Veterinärdiagnostik, Strubergasse 26, 5020 Salzburg
  • if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact: Heike Fahrenschon or Dr. Sissi Fuchs-Rothenpieler