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Boxer-Genetics is an association, which stands for the latest knowledge of genetics in breeding. It is not about the printed pedigree and the calculated inbreed coefficient, but about the individual genetic footprint of each Boxer.

To maintain the heath and condition of the Boxer breed, as per today, each Boxer breeder should familiarize himself with this latest knowledge and should make a use of the offer for a genetically breeding improvement.

We, namely Heike Fahrenschon (Vöhringen/DE) and Dr. Sissi Fuchs-Rothenpieler (Klagenfurt/AT), both with many years of breeding experience, have founded this association for the prospective modern way of breeding Boxers. Our work and investments are, of course, unpaid as we are spending our lifeblood for the future well-being of our beloved Boxers.

With this in mind, we want to be the link between Boxer Breeders and the laboratory for genetically veterinary diagnostic. To meet the greatest possible genetically level, Dr Anja-Marie Geretschläger is analysing the blood samples of the potential stud-dogs in her laboratory FERAGEN (Salzburg/AT).

In the near future, we are planning to create a database with all tested Boxer. Breeders planning a litter will get information about the best breeding partners on genetically basis. We would be very happy, if as many Boxer breeders possible across Europe would support this topic and participate with blood samples of their dogs (The analysis of the blood sample charged at level cost).